Fine Chemicals

  • Lithium Carbonate Lithium Carbonate
    LITHIUM CARBONATE;Additive for quick setting cement; raw material for the glass, ceramics and enamel industries; basic material for the manufacture of other lithium compounds; catalyst for esterification; additive and flux for welding rods; additive in al
  • Microsilica (silica fume) Microsilica (silica fume)
    Microsilica(silica fume) is a densified or undensified admixture which consists primirily very fine amorphous SiO2 particles and meets ASTM C-1240 standarts, Microsilica is used in construction, construction chemicals and refractory industries.
  • Sitric Acid Sitric Acid
    SITRIC ACID TECHNICAL GRADE Item specification Sitric acid monohydrate Characteristics colorless crystal Solubility ok Transparency transparent
  • Sodium Gluconate Sodium Gluconate
    SODIUM GLUCONATE TECHNICAL GRADE Properties Specifications Grade Tech Grade Description White or Yellowish Crystal Powder Identification Meets the require
  • Calcium Formate Calcium Formate
    CALCIUM FORMATE technical grade